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Wait, we're Irish??

March was certainly a busy month for Delphine!

We designed flowers for four weddings, several events, took a weekend holiday, and started a few new exciting projects! We loved showcasing our first spring wedding designs as a company (check them out here!) Moreover, it was the first St. Patrick's day we celebrated with the knowledge of our Irish heritage!

Today, we take a closer look at our March design, dedicated to the Irish relatives we didn't even know we had. Though we are a *tad* late for St. Patrick's day, we are just in time for Easter! The featured Easter Mint Julep bar (pictured above and below) and this post are dedicated to my great-great grandmother, Lillian, and her mother, Mary...

This arrangement includes...Elizabeth Taylor Roses, Peggy Martin Roses, Young Blueberries, Blooming Redtip, Spearmint, Azaleas, Tulips, Charmelia, Wildflowers - - Click on the picture below for a slideshow of closeups! I love the cool blue-green that the blueberries lend to the arrangement!

Mary's family journeyed from County Cork, Ireland to New Orleans before she was born. Eventually, she married a baker. WAIT. PAUSE. This is important....

...Apparently, we are distant cousins to the founders of the Swiss Bakery in NOLA. I've never met those cousins, but this new insight begs the question... How closely-related do you need to be to score some free pastries? This could be fabulous for my soul, and dangerous for my waistline...

Anyway, Mary died before the 1940s, so I do not know too much about her. I will say that I am grateful to her for my newfound Irish heritage! After her passing, a census shows that her widower, Theodore, moved into the home of their daughter, Lillian.

I know a little about Lillian. For starters, I know that nobody knows why they called her Lillian, since her name was Mary Elizabeth... Sure, why not?

Lillian's son was my grandpa Earl. Anyone who raised that quick-witted prankster had to be loving and have a sense of humor!

This is the most fun picture of Lillian with her husband, Edward. It was taken sometime in the 1940s, at...wait for it...a beer hall. Never in my life had I heard of a woman in my family who actually liked beer, until now! She and her Edward apparently loved an occasional night on the town. I love this photo...

Such personality in a photo. Doesn't he look like he would keep you laughing? I can almost hear her laughing. I love how dolled up she is for a night in the beer hall. Fancy little hat? check. Lace collar? check. Earrings? check. Scarf? check. Too sweet.

I wonder if she appreciated Irish dance music as much as my sister (another Mary) does?

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